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On Dec 23, I am going to attempt to do a solo climb on 3024 meters high Akdag Mountain at its harshest conditions, and stay there for a night. 3024 meters might not sound too difficult, but considering the 10 kilometers walk to the top at -35 degrees Celsius and the heavy southerly winds, it is not that easy.


So why am I doing such a crazy expedition? Why would I risk my life and convince others to get involved? I do this for a higher passion of mine: “Helping others”.


I visited Philippines in 2013 after the massive hurricane ruined the life of millions. I was astounded by the stark contrast of wealth and poverty.  Interwoven amidst glittering high rises and busy shopping malls, are many people starving on the streets, scratching a living any way that they can.  Being able to capture the plight of disadvantaged young children via photography is my way of raising awareness on a subject that I am passionate about.


Well, this triggered me to create this campaign. A campaign that might inspire others to take action. Not just for conquering some other mountain, but for taking action to recover our humanity. Because, I believe touching more children’s lives means saving our future. So, that is something good to climb for. That’s why we named this fundraising event “Climb for Good”.

About the Expedition


Alican Akcol


Akdag / Antalya

Summit Altitude

3024 meters

Event Duration

2 Days

Climb for Good Team

Alican Akcol

Climber, Founder

Fatih Tunali

Photographer, Production M.

Burak G. Akkurt

Rescue Team Leader

Bircan Tolunay

AKUT Kalkan Kas Leader

Doguhan Ergun


Katarina Bednarova

International Relations

Mark Taylor



21 December 2017
- 11:00 AM: Meeting at the AKUT Centre Kalkan/Antalya for the briefing

22 December 2017
- 09:00 AM: Departure from AKUT Centre Kalkan/ Antalya
- 1
1:00 AM: Meeting at the base camp

23 December 2017
- 06:00 AM:  My Solo Climb starts from base camp
- 12:00 AM:  Setting my tent on 2500 meters

24 December 2017
- 07:00 AM: Departure from Solo Camp
- 10:00 AM: SUMMIT 3024 meters
- 10:30 AM: Departure from Summit
- 16:00 PM: Arrival to Base Camp



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